Shelter And Warmth

Our emergency warmth and shelter products are designed to maintain ideal body temperature for you and your family in your darkest hours. The human body’s normal temperature range is a very narrow 96.8°F to 99.5°F for adults, 96.8°F to 100.4°F for children and between 96.8°F to 101.3°F for children below 6 years old. Any prolonged time exposed to the outside elements can bring the human body’s temperatures outside these ranges and then it becomes difficult to properly sustain proper health. According to the experts one of the first things you should do after an emergency is to prepare a survival shelter for you, your family and pets. 


You have 2 choices you could sit and wait for a disaster and then forage for debris hoping you find something, anything to construct a make shift shelter to try and keep you and your family safe and dry or each member of your family could be prepared for any disaster by having a Waterproof Cooler Bag filled with a 2-Person Tube Tent with Cord, Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag, Dynamo Radio Flashlight 4 in 1 a 3600 Calorie Food Bar and an Emergency Poncho with Hood or a combination of any items they like.

With every order you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY DATA CD full of EMERGENCY and DISASTER SURVIVAL preparedness information and products. Some of the items on the CD are an emergency contact card, fire drill instructions, a home inventory spreadsheet, preparedness checklist and much more.




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