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Are you ready for what might be right around the corner? Do you have an EMERGENCY and DISASTER SURVIVAL KIT? As things start to settle down after a personal emergency or disaster, natural or man-made, you look around and realize you are alone, all alone. Your family is in shock and is looking to you for comfort and guidance. Your spouse is injured, your daughter is crying, and your son, being the brave young man, is asking if the family dog or cat will be okay.  It hits you; help might not be coming anytime soon. No food, water, first aid; nothing to help entertain your children to take their minds off the crisis.  What do you do?  

What if you are out on the water enjoying some quality time with friends and family and the boat breaks down?

Is Your Family Prepared for Any Disaster? If Not We Can Help

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If you are like many Americans you have a survival kit at the ready. Hurricane survival kits, earthquake survival kits, auto survival kits, outdoor survival kits, blackout survival kits, classroom survival kits, personal survival kits, family survival kits, office survival kits, disaster survival kits, pet survival kits or maybe even long-term food storage survival kits, Are You Ready Survival carries the latest in Guardian Survival Gear and Survival Kits as well as Wise Long-Term Food Storage (as seen on National Geographic TV's "Doomsday Preppers") and we have what you need.

With every order you will receive a COMPLEMENTARY DATA CD full of EMERGENCY and DISASTER SURVIVAL preparedness information and products. Some of the items on the CD are an emergency contact card, fire drill instructions, a home inventory spreadsheet, preparedness checklist and much more.


All our survival gear, survival kits and long-term food storage survival kits are crafted from the advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness, survival and survival kit readiness while meeting the guidelines set forth by government and non-profit agencies.




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