Elite Survival Kits

In an emergency, you and your family have a plan on how to get out, where to meet and how to get there. Do you have an emergency survival kit at the ready to make the trip? Quality emergency survival kits are a must have when it comes to getting from an emergency area to a point of safety for your family. All Are You Ready Survival Kits.com survival kits are packed securely in an Elite Multi-pocket Hikers Backpack. This backpack contains extra space available for personal items such as an extra pair of glasses, medication, socks, even a change of under garments. Items in the survival pack include: food, water, shelter, first aid and much more. The kits are light weight red and grey in color. Be ready with an emergency survival kit, if not for you, for the ones you love.



With every order you will receive a COMPLEMENTARY DATA CD full of EMERGENCY and DISASTER SURVIVAL preparedness information and products. Items on the CD include an emergency contact card, fire drill instructions, a home inventory spreadsheet, preparedness checklist and much more.


All our elite survival kits are crafted from the advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness, survival and survival kit readiness while meeting the guidelines set forth by government and non-profit agencies.




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