Deluxe Survival Kits


Whether you live in the city, suburbs or in the woods, eventually tragedy could strike in any form: blizzard, earthquake, flood or anything natural or man-made. Be ready with an emergency survival kit. Are You Ready Survival emergency survival kits are lightweight and come in a range of sizes from our 2 person survival kit which includes 12-400 calories food bars, 12 Aqua Blox Water Boxes; 2 emergency survival sleeping bags and much more. Our long term food storage survival kit includes: 11-4 serving cooking pouch meals (including Stroganoff Beef and Teriyaki and Rice); tools; a portable cooking stove (includes additional fuel tablets); hygiene; and sanitation products. Be ready with an emergency survival kit, if not for you, for the ones you love.

With every order you will receive a COMPLEMENTARY DATA CD full of EMERGENCY and DISASTER SURVIVAL preparedness information and products. Items on the CD are an emergency contact card, fire drill instructions, a home inventory spreadsheet, preparedness checklist and much more.


All our deluxe survival kits are crafted from the advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness, survival and survival kit readiness while meeting the guidelines set forth by government and non-profit agencies.




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