June 15, 2016 @ 6:45 AM

Hello everyone,

Just like your home there are a several things you can do to your vehicle to help it perform at its peak during those hot summer trips to and from the store, road trips to the shore as well as when you go on vacation driving across this great land.


It all boils downs to one thing a complete vehicle inspection from bumper to bumper. 


Perform a complete engine tune-up including an inspection of the vehicles brakes, transmission, all fluids, all filters, belts, A/C unit, windshield wipers, battery, all lights {remember the trunk light}, etc.


If you need to use snow tires during the winter months make sure you change over to the proper tires for summer use. Tires are something many people .........

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June 1, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Hello everyone,

Summer is just around the corner so LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

As you make your plans for summer time fun around your home before going any further, is your home ready for the summer and the fun? Just like when winter approaches you do little things around your home to provide a warm, comfortable, safe home while saving money, similar steps can be taken during the summer months to provide a cool, comfortable environment and safe home while saving money as well.

Here are 22 tips to save money and help you provide a more comfortable living environment for your family.

Insulate Your Home:

If you have not done so insulating your exterior walls, caulking and weather stripping doors and windows can save on your A/C use lowering ......

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May 25, 2016 @ 8:46 AM

Hello everyone,

I was standing in line at my local Coronet Variety Liquors when I noticed two different types of plastic containers {M&M and M&M Minis} that seemed watertight and I thought to myself, if so these could make a great survival tool and as an added bonus they are a food grade plastic making it safe to store some non corrosive foods.

M&M Containers

 Constructed from #2 – HDPE {High-Density Polyethylene}. A stiff plastic used to make milk jugs, detergent and oil bottles, toys, and some plastic bags.

After testing, six of the eight M&M containers were watertight {Submerged under water for 24 hours}, two had very slow leaks {Average 1.5ml. between both}. If you wrap the top with a quality tape after ......

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April 1, 2016 @ 8:25 AM

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we discussed glow sticks as a survival tool, today it is all about the FUN!!!!

Just in case you missed yesterdays Q & A about Glow Sticks safety here is what we discussed.

Is the liquid hazardous to humans/pets?

No, there are 2 liquids in a glow stick; the first is hydrogen peroxide and the oily liquid is called Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and is not considered to be fatal or poisonous if your children/pets ingests any but they will experience a really bitter taste and there maybe some vomiting. It can also be irritating to the skin. Some of the larger glow sticks have a small glass vial that is what is snapped to mix the liquids this vial could be a problem if swallowed.

Unlike humans dogs and cats cannot ......

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March 31, 2016 @ 7:48 AM

Hello everyone,

Glow sticks were invented over 25 years ago and have become a staple at the circus, Halloween and the rave scene. They are also a must have in every survival kit. Here are several survival ideas, games and tips on using light sticks. There are 2 basic types of light sticks rope style and tube style and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5" all the up to 22". With there being some many different uses for glow sticks I am going to break this article into 2 different segments. Today we will start off answering some question and discussing the many uses in a survival and safety situation and tomorrow will be all about fun and games.



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November 11, 2015 @ 9:07 AM

Everyone here would like to say Thank You to all the men, women and animals that have served, currently serve and have given their lives as protectors of our freedom.

I would like to say a special “Thank You” to my Father and Uncles.

Joe Dudek U.S. Navy, WWII

Ed Dudek U.S. Marines, WWII

Jerry Hannon U.S. Marines, Korean War (My Godfather)

Ken Goodis U.S. Navy, WWII (R.I.P.)

Ed Laczynski U.S. Army, WWII (R.I.P.); Walter Laczynski U.S. Navy, WWII (R.I.P.)

John E. Dudek U.S. Navy, WWII (R.I.P.)

My Father U.S. Navy, Korean War (R.I.P.)


All of these men have been a great inspiration in my life. Thank You

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November 10, 2015 @ 3:45 PM

Hello everyone,

Snow, snow and more snow is great for a number of activities like skiing, sleigh riding, building snowmen, snow forts and snowball fights among other outdoor activities but the one event most people hate doing is shoveling. Unless you make your money off of snow remove does anyone really want to shovel, if you do here are some tip to make the event safer and more enjoyable.

Before the First Snow Fall Get a Physical.

If you shovel or use a snow thrower before you do any snow removal make sure you are healthy enough to first. Are you out of shape, have back problems or a heart condition then shoveling might not be for you and hiring the local kid to do it might just save your life. After it snows there is an increase at ......

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October 26, 2015 @ 10:26 AM

Hello everyone,

Let’s face it we all love our pets and during Halloween dressing Blizzard up is as natural to some people as dressing up their children. So with that in mind here are some basic safety tips as a guideline this Halloween season.

·         Candy is a treat for children not for pets. Make sure that the bowl of candy you have set aside is well out of reach of nosey noses and prying paws. It is important to keep the candy that your children have collected out of reach as well. The busiest day of the year at Animal Poison Control Centers around the country is the day after Halloween and the days and weeks following there is an average increase in calls by 12%.

· ......

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October 9, 2015 @ 2:44 PM

Hello everyone,

Cans are not garbage once they are emptied. If you happen to stumble across a can while out in the woods a couple of things will first run through your head, who the hell would litter out here, then wait that means there are people in the area that could help and finally if there is no help, I just found a great survival tool. Once you realize the third you are better off. Here are just 15 uses for empty cans.

Carrying Objects: This is an obvious one.

Cup: Another obvious one.

Shower Head; Just poke a couple of small holes in the bottom of the can and your water will come out slower giving you better control of your water consumption.

Lantern; Any can will work but I find that old paint cans work the best because of ......

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October 7, 2015 @ 8:55 AM

Hello everyone,

Everyone is familiar with bandanas and their basic purpose and I am not just referring to the old westerns when the bad guy would use his bandana to hide their identity when robbing a train or bank. Bandanas are more than snot rags this small lightweight piece of cloth could save your life and below are some of the other uses for a bandana. A good quality cotton bandana is normally 22”x22” in size but you can find them smaller & bigger. I like to keep several sizes and colors in my bag because you never know. Besides just normal bandanas you see every day there are specialty survival bandanas out there as well like First-Aid, Survivle Tips, Knots and the Constellations.

Handkerchief; Unfold and just blow.......

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