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Even though everyone knows that having emergency and disaster kits are important, they never seem to get around to putting one together.  Reasons can range from:  "I do not have the storage;" "They cost too much;" or "That will never happen to me."  If this sounds like you, then AreYouReadySurvivalKits.com is here to help.

Our founder, John E. Dudek, once thought the same way and now knows better. John was born in Queens, NY, and grew up in Maywood, NJ.  As a Cub Scout and later as member of the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 14, he learned his survival skills at a young age.  As an adult, he became an active member of the Maywood Fire Department, Truck 17, until a hit and run driver ended that dream. A lesson sadly learned, he was determined to find a way to help as many families as possible be prepared for any situation.  The company’s philosophy, “BE READY for TOMORROW TODAY,” was born. 

Located in the shadows of New York City, AreYouReadySurvivalKits.com purpose is to provide peace of mind, with the proper tools, for everyone family member, even your cherished pet.  Our products give you the tools to make it through any emergency, or disaster, natural or man-made.

Our kits offer the latest in Guardian Survival Gear and Survival Kits.  We also offer Wise Long-Term Food Storage (as seen on National Geographic TV's "DoomsdayPreppers") to individuals, families, small and large corporations, and communities. Our gear and kits are at prices everyone can afford.

Thank you for visiting AreYouReadySurvivalKits.com.  We value every one of our customers. Your concerns about emergency and disaster survival are important to us.






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